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Ceramics are our passion. It enables the manufacture of high-tech products as well as products for everyday life. Due to their special properties, technical ceramics are used in numerous industries such as mechanical and plant engineering or medical technology. FastCast Ceramics is your specialist for open-pore technical ceramics.
By combining innovative ideas and new technological approaches, we at FastCast Ceramics have succeeded in developing a sustainable slurry for the production of high-performance ceramics. With our flexibly applicable high-performance ceramics, we want to make a contribution to enabling the efficient and economical production of high-tech products in the future as well – on an ecological and sustainable basis.

High-performance technical ceramics from FastCast Ceramics.

Our goal as FastCast Ceramics is to bring forth innovations in the field of ceramics manufacturing for different industries and to develop them into usable products. Using technological approaches directly from science, such as the principle of capillary suspensions and combining them with innovative ideas, our production of ceramics is virtually free of organics. In the production of our ceramics we use the principle of water-based capillary suspension.

Ecology and economy are in harmony at FastCast Ceramics. Already at the beginning of the product development, ecological aspects have a high priority. We pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable raw materials and think recycling from the beginning. By using new technologies, we aim to develop environmentally friendly products that provide our customers with added economic value. Following this principle, our material system almost completely does without organics in production.

Efficiency and economy play a central role in processes and the use of resources for every company. FastCast Ceramics’ technical ceramics bring numerous advantages, such as the use of sustainable raw materials, which generate high individual benefits for the customer. Since we focus on value-based pricing, the added value for the customer is a key driver already during product development. In partnership with our customers, we determine the specific added value that is created for them through the use of our ceramics. This approach guarantees that our customers become more profitable and have more resources available to concentrate on their core competencies.

Ceramic materials have numerous positive technical characteristics. These include high chemical and thermal resistance. Our ceramics are also characterized by exceptionally high (open) porosity with simultaneous high mechanical strength. Technical ceramics from FastCast Ceramics have pore sizes between 0.2 µm and 50 µm with a porosity of 35% to 75%. Since the principle of capillary suspension works independently of the material, we can work with all ceramic materials and are also flexible in terms of shaping. This results in numerous new areas of application or improvements in processes in which ceramics are already used. In addition to the products currently under development, we are always on the lookout for new areas of application and development partners.

Technische offenporige Keramiken

Applications & Solutions.

Due to their numerous positive properties, technical ceramics are used in various industries. These include mechanical and plant engineering, the chemical industry and medical technology.

Solutions for use in investment casting.

The production of shells in investment casting takes a lot of time and is complex. The wax models created for the mold formation currently have to be dipped between 8 and 13 times in a ceramic slurry, sanded and dried. In this way, up to ten full days pass before the shells are ready for casting.

With the use of FastCast Ceramics slurry, we will significantly accelerate and simplify this process in the future. Thanks to the fast and crack-free drying of the shells, the time required for shell production can be reduced to two to three days.

  • Acceleration of the shell making process by up to 70%.
  • Elimination of the sanding step after coating.
  • Shell production for sophisticated components possible.
  • Fast and uncomplicated use in existing production lines thanks to drop-in technology.

Solutions for agriculture and farming.

By using the ceramic formulation of FastCast Ceramics, an innovative soil moisture sensor was developed in cooperation with TRUEBNER GmbH. The highly porous ceramics in the sensor make it possible to directly measure the plant-available water in the soil instead of the volumetric water content usually measured by other sensors. As a result, the irrigation of an agricultural area can be regulated according to demand so that the exact amount of water required is always available to the plants. At the same time, the use of too much water is avoided.

Technische Keramik für Bodenfeuchtesensor
  • Measurement of plant-available water
  • Reduction of water use for agriculture and monitoring of soil moisture in forest areas.
  • No calibration of the sensor for different soil conditions necessary
  • Ecosystem protection and cost savings in agriculture

The Team.

We at FastCast Ceramics have set ourselves the goal as a team to continuously develop our innovative and environmentally friendly ceramic technology, to distribute it worldwide and to be a reliable partner for our customers. We were able to take the first big step towards realizing this vision thanks in part to Helmholtz Enterprise funding from the Helmholtz Association. Currently, we are funded as a spin-off at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) through the EXIST program “EXIST Research Transfer” by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection and the European Social Fund.

Values and principles.

To achieve our goals and visions, we are guided by our values and principles. These shape our actions and are based on humanity, fairness and our high level of environmental awareness. Central to this is our passion for ceramics and our vision of using technological innovations to further advance the manufacture of high-tech products using technical ceramics in order to make them accessible to more people. Ultimately, we want to help improve the quality of life for everyone.

At FastCast Ceramics, we carry this vision together as a team.

FastCast Ceramics Team