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FastCast Ceramics offers numerous solutions and possibilities based on innovative open-pore technical ceramics. Further information is available for download in our brochures and information sheets. If you have any further questions as well as individual inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us personally. To do so, please use our contact form.

Solutions for invetment caster

Download – Solutions for investment caster

FastCast Ceramics speeds up shell production in investment casting from the current ten days to two days. Creating shells in just two days by using our waterbased, environmentally friendly and sustainable slurry unlocks great potential in your investment casting process.

Ceramic adhesive solutions

Download – Ceramic adhesive for investment casting

The manufacture of various products using the investment casting process is complex, demanding and takes a lot of time. Not infrequently, it may be
technically necessary to drill holes in the shells prior to lost wax casting. With FastCast Slurry for shell repairing, the resulting holes are closed effectively and quickly.

Solutions for Ceramic-3D-print

Download – Solutions for ceramic 3D-print

Ceramic 3D printing enables the production of filigree and complex components for the automotive industry, plant engineering or medical technology. This
process technology can also be used in the foundry sector for the production of ceramic shells or cores. For this purpose, FastCast Ceramics has developed a high-quality water-based ceramic slurry for printing sophisticated ceramic components.